CPAP Care – Swift™ FX Nano For Her Nasal Mask

CPAP Care – Swift™ FX Nano For Her Nasal Mask


The Swift™ FX Nano For Her headgear is soft and flexible and allows for easy adjustment to create the best fit. For a more comfortable fit, adjustments can be made using the buckle on top of the notched headgear and the velcro fasteners on the back strap. The lock and tab key hinges allow for easy attachment and release of the headgear from the soft nasal cushion.

Freedom to Change Sleeping Positions as You Snooze
Active sleepers can change sleeping positions throughout the night, thanks to the ball-and-socket joint mask elbow with swivel ring and short tube that allow movement during CPAP therapy while maintaining the mask seal.

Open View Lets You Keep Up with Your Nighttime Routine
Because the headgear offers stability without the need for forehead support, the design provides an unobstructed line of sight so you can catch up on your favorite sitcom or finish your bedside novel.

Optional Soft Wraps Provide Premium Comfort
Your purchase includes a soft wrap for each side of the mask frame that can be used to provide a cushion between the silicone headgear and your cheeks, enhancing your comfort and reducing the possibility of skin irritation during sleep apnea therapy.

Caring for Your Mask is Quick and Easy
Because the mask only contains three essential parts, routine maintenance is a breeze. Simply remove the headgear and short tube from the cushion and clean each component before reassembling.

What’s Included:

  • Mask in Selected Size
  • Headgear
  • Pair (2) Soft Wraps


  • Adjustable, Flexible Swift™ FX Nano Headgear
  • Ball Joint Elbow for Extra Movement
  • Open Line of Sight
  • Optional Frame Soft Wrap
  • Caring for Your Mask is Quick and Easy

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