Crossover 21 – Rollator (ADP Approved)

Crossover 21 – Rollator (ADP Approved)

Crossover (ADP approved)

  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to fold
  • Modern design

The Crossover is the latest contribution to our range of rollators. It is equipped with intelligent features and comes in a stylish design developed for individuals looking for an active lifestyle, supported by a stable rollator.

The Crossover folds very easily, making it ideal when traveling or if you?re going to store it in a narrow space. Just pull the red strap on the back of the seat, and the folding is in process. The Crossover soft mesh basket, which is included, also folds easily together with the rollator. If the basket is full of items, it can quickly be removed before folding. It is just as easy to remove it as to attach it. It also comes with a smart curb climber placed on either the left or right side. With this in place, you can lift the rollator?s front with minimal effort, making it easy to get it up on a curb.

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Product Description

As some extra safety precaution, we have also added some reflectors close to the front wheels, which means that cars will easily spot you when crossing the street. If you want to sit down for a rest, the wide padded backrest gives comfortable support.

The seat can also be equipped with extra padding if you use the Crossover for sitting during more extended periods. By pressing the red buttons on the frame, you can easily adjust the Crossover?s height to set it to your individual needs. We hope you will enjoy this exceptional walking aid as much as we do. With every detail in mind, we are sure it will be a stable companion to you during your walks.

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21 inch


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