Obusforme Leg Spacer – PL-LEG-SP

Obusforme Leg Spacer – PL-LEG-SP

  • ERGONOMIC SUPPORT: The ObusForme Airfoam Leg Spacer forms perfectly to your body’s shape
  • IDEAL PILLOW FOR SIDE SLEEPERS: The leg spacer uses its ergonomic support to provide proper alignment for the hips and spine.
  • THERMO-SENSITIVE COMFORT: The lightweight material uses your body’s natural heat to activate the contouring process
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The leg spacer utilizes a luxurious machine washable velour cover to make cleaning as easy as possible.
  • ABOUT OBUSFORME: A premium brand within HoMedics’ wellness group; ObusForme brand is a global leader in ergonomics with a passion for developing innovative products that maximize comfort, improve posture, help prevent injury and aid in recovery.


Product Description


Ingredients: All New Material Consisting of Viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam (100 percent). Outer Cover: Cotton (75 percent), Polyester (25 percent). Insert Cover: Polypropylene (100 percent).

  • AirFoam Leg Spacer Cushion
  • Ideal for side sleepers, this thermo-sensitive memory foam pillow is designed to provide comfort between the legs while sleeping.

    Product description

    Live in better comfort with the knee buddy from ObusForme! This pillow uses viscoelastic polyurethane foam to assist in the relief of lower back and hip pain by relieving pressure on the hips, knees and spine and contours perfectly to your body!