Permobil – Allay Mattress

Permobil – Allay Mattress

Allay Mattress with Shear Reduction Technology

The Allay reactive foam replacement surface with patented Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) is an innovative solution designed to address shearing forces present during client movement in bed or when changing the position of the bed frame, at the same time ensuring proper pressure redistribution. The Allay is a cost effective choice for clients at risk of experiencing skin breakdown. The side bolsters complete with accordion cuts provide an excellent transfer edge.

The surface is designed to absorb forces that damage skin, thereby reducing the risk for skin breakdown. A third party clinical trial was completed by Durham College Department of Nursing and Department of Engineering to validate SRT. The trial provided non-biased support for the efficacy and use in populations where shear forces can damage vulnerable skin.

5 Minds Mobility received the Colleges of Ontario Network for Industry Innovations Award for SRT.

Proudly made in Canada