Permobil – Halsa Electric Home Care Bed

Permobil – Halsa Electric Home Care Bed

The Hälsa Bed from Permobil is the ideal home care bed. This bed boasts incredible features such as an exceptionally low positioning option and it disassembles easily for transportation and storage.

Hälsa Bed has unique qualities that separate it from other electrical beds on the market. Most home health care beds have Trendelenburg capabilities as an option, but with the Hälsa Bed, the Trendelenburg feature comes standard. Additionally, most beds don’t offer the capability of moving both the head and foot sections simultaneously – the Hälsa Bed does.

The Halsa Bed includes head and footboards, casters, motors, and full or half rails.



Product Description


  • An exceptionally low positioning option
  • Easy disassembly for transportation and storage
  • The Trendelenburg capability comes standard
  • Rolls at any height
  • Emergency battery back-up
  • Virtually noise free with low electrical sumption DC motor
  • Cover for headboard and footboard
  • Hooks for incontinence bag
  • 3 locking casters and 1 directional caster
  • Side and foot mattress retainers
  • Receptacle for trapeze bar
  • 2 receptacles for IV holder stems
  • Disassembles into 4 sections for transport/storage
  • Ideal for home care patients


Weight Capacity 375 lbs
Dimensions 36” x 80”
Low Position 10” (12¼” with large caster)
High Position 25” (28” with large caster)